“..so pleased with the results” Dr. Patel Plastic Surgeon Tru Web Verified review

“I think Dr Patel is an exceptionally skilled surgeon and he has a passion for his work and it shows. I have been very pleased with the outcome of every surgery he has performed on me.”

Susan H.

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“Kind and personable”TruWeb Verified Plastic Surgeon Review

A Tummy Tuck, Liposuction and Breast Augmentation Patient: “From the moment I met Dr. Patel, he was so kind and personable.   His professionalism and expertise so highly impressed me.  The confidence I now have has grown tremendously because of his skilful hands.  I am truly blessed to have him.”  L.T. Stondenheim, Bonney Lake, WA August 2019.



“Dr. Patel gave me gift of youth” Plastic Surgeon Review

Facelift Patient:  “I Cannot thank Dr. (Tarak) Patel enough for the gift of youthful appearance bestowed on me by his artful skills.  His dedicated team gave me the confidence to greater dignity in my appearance.  I will always recommend Dr. Patel!”  B. Lettel, Tacoma, December 2019



“helped me tremendously and was a pleasure” Mike Acker Life Coach TruWeb Verified Review Copy

It was a pleasure to work with Mike. He helped me tremendously on improving my very first speech in front of a large audience. He was very responsive and not only he helped me with the speech materials, but also with improving my body language and gesture for this event. I highly recommend him if you are in needs with improving your public speaking skills.

Faranak R, CEO of Naptime Studios, San Jose California

“High energy and great insights” Mike Acker Life Coach TruWeb Verified Review

Mike is widely read, has high energy and great insights born from his years of varied experience and both domestic and international experience.

Mark S., Executive Director, Silverdale Washington

“I recommend PDI to my patients” PDI Toledo Reviews

When I recommend PDI to my patients I know they will get the best cost value in town, with convenient scheduling from considerate staff. I can make this referral without hesitation.

Dr Wayne Koskinen

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“Very sharp and detailed oriented person” Brian Gomez Elite Legal Marketing

I would like to take a moment to talk about my experience with Brian. I found him to be a very sharp and detail oriented person. He always had a solid grasp as to the status of our dealings and seemed to have a number of options available for every challenge we came across. At the same time he always remained personable ensuring that a level of comfort and trust was maintained.

Chris Wendell


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“…furthered my growth as an individual” Oregon State Phi Delta Theta Reviews

I developed life long friendships during my time there. We were a group of young people trying to figure out the world ahead of us. The positive vibe of the house and members allowed me to get my work done and the active social atmosphere furthered my growth as an individual….also met my wife at a PDT party.

C. Connelly

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“..understands the dynamics of recruitment and managing expectations.” Neill Marshall Southerland Partners Tru Web Verified Review

Neill was very nice and professional in his recruiting efforts. He always follows up with communications and was proactive in engaging candidates. Neill understands the dynamics of recruitment and managing expectations. He was always accessible and would understand situations that could compromise a successful placement.

Mary LaFrancois, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Senior Human Resources Executive and Certified Executive Coach

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“Positive Impact on Me” Energy Booster-On Tapp Nutrition

The last year has been one of the hardest of my life. Just as things were getting better they took an unforeseen and ridiculous turn for that has kept my stress level pretty much maxed out since May.  I have a very difficult time getting to sleep and never wake up feeling rested anymore.  I spend a good portion of my day listening to podcasts at work, particularly Tim Ferris, Ben Greenfield, and Joe Rogan, and had begun to look into nurtopics as a way to alleviate stress and gain energy.  I had actually made the decision on which type to purchase when I got a Facebook invite to like a friends new page. 

        After talking with James Kerr about his new product, Focused Alert Relaxed, and new company On Tapp Nutrition, he gifted me some samples (it was at my 40th birthday party so I’m calling its gift anyways).  I first tried the tea pack (Smartea Pants), simply mixed it into water, and was astounded that despite skipping my morning coffee I was completely awake for hours without being jittery, and had so much physical energy that what started as a hike to try and get pictures of a moose turned into a mile trail run at 9500 feet in elevation.  Since, I have been taking a daily serving of F.A.R before work, and while I am combining the with coffee (I was raised on coffee, that morning ritual will never end) my overall mental functions have improved drastically.  I no longer experience the slow wake up period for intensive thought that I used to, I don’t feel the need for a nap on my lunch break everyday, and perhaps the most impressive and I also don’t have huge swings up and down throughout the day because of caffeine.  I’m not big on endorsing products, particularly when related to health, but when something comes along that has this much of a positive impact on me, I feel absolutely compelled to help spread the word.

-Sean Seymour